Hong Kong Trunk Shows

GERMAIN Tailors is returning to Hong Kong to take new appointments and conduct monthly fittings. The next dates are on April 1-2-3-4 and May 1-2-3, 2016. The tailors will bring their summer “super-light” creations together with a selection of new casual products which are also offered made-to-measure.

Of the many varied tailoring approaches, “Soft Tailoring” is becoming popular among bespoke aficionados. Inspired by the Neapolitan craft, the construction uses minimal padding, linings and interlinings which makes the garment an ideal partner for hot and humid climates. 

This approch requires more work to sustain the shape and reduce the stiffness of the canvas. At GERMAIN Tailors the material and pattern of every inner component of the suit is designed in-house for a modern look, natural shoulder line, fitted armhole, and elegant waistline.

For appointments, please email Yally@germain-tailors.com or +852 6200 0446. 

The April trunk show will be held at 3/F, No.2 Queen Victoria St, Central.

GERMAIN Tailors 即将返回香港,每个月都会为当地顾客安排试穿服务,并接受预约。届时,裁缝师傅们将为您呈现精选的新款休闲单品,以及量身定制的夏日“super-light”体验。

胸部减少使用帆布而产生的生硬感,同時又要保持西裝應有的挺拔感,这种剪裁方法就需要更多的手工。GERMAIN Tailors對於西装内里的用料及制作都是經過自己的設計,使西服拥有自然的肩部线条、合体的袖笼以及优美的腰部线条等。
详情垂询Yally@germain-tailors.com; +852 6200 0446
5月1日至3日 - 地点待定