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Liberty Fabric - Germain Tailors - Shanghai - Hong Kong

Liberty’s floral designs have defied the whims of the fashion industry, and have stayed on trend for decades


Perfectly on time for your summer/holiday shirts. We have now in stock in Shanghai dozen of choices of the legendary fabric from London.


Liberty was founded 140 years ago, by Arthur Liberty, selling exotic silks imported from China and Japan, and cottons and fine wools from India.

His stock proved a hit with the artistic set, and early customers included Oscar Wilde, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ellen Terry, James McNeill Whistler and Frederick Leighton.


His window displays of “Liberty art colours”, a rainbow of woven and printed fabrics in colourfast dyes, became a tourist attraction.

Paris Jacket - Germain Tailors - Shanghai - Hong Kong

Our signature Paris jacket is a true smart-casual blazer.

It is your best everyday partner, it will do the job week days and week-ends, in the city or in the country.


It is very confortable to wear due to the totally deconstructed workmanship, without any canvas or pading.

A soft-tailoring must, with a low shoulder and high armhole for the gentlmen on the move.


In the winter it is suggested in flannel of wool or heavy cottons such as corduroy and thick twills.

In the summer, it will work well with linen twill, cotton canvas and jerseys.


The blazer has four buttons, for a better versatility, button two at a meeting, three when walking in the windy streets, and four on your scooter!


Gurkha Trousers - Germain Tailors - Shanghai - Hong Kong

Designed to be practical, the Gurkha trousers and shorts take their origin from Nepal, more precisely : the Kingdom of Gorkha.


Like many other famous designs in the history of tailoring, Gurkha trousers were designed for military purposes. Rooted in British military tradition but modified specifically for use by the Nepalese Gurkhas elite troops after the Anglo-Nepalese war.


The Gurkha trousers and shorts signature is a double-pleated front and high, cummerbund-style waistband with buckle fastenings. 

Silk Tie Collections - Germain Tailors - Hong Kong - Shanghai

For the most part, ties made from grenadine silk are solid in color with the visual interest being the unique weave.


Our ties are made by hand in our workshop with a grenadine fabric imported from Como, Italy.



Our printed silk tie collection offers more variety of colors and patterns: paisley, flowers, vintage …etc



Altogether we offer a choice of more than 50 solid and patterned colors available in our shops of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Casual Tailored Shirts - Hong Kong - Shanghai

Our spring-summer 2017 collection has no ties, and no formal shirts. We introduce three new tailored casual shirts to our catalog:

- One-piece Collar

- Camp Collar

- Reversed Collar

Prefered with pure linen or linen blend fabrics, those new designs are available made-to-measure at our Shanghai and Hong Kong shops, or during our trunk shows in Paris. Here are some descriptions.


The "one-piece-collar" shirt is the perfect bridge between dressed shirts and casual shirts. The collar and the collar-stand are made of a one-piece panel, which results to a perfect roll, and a softer look. It is a subtle, delicate touch of cool, and it can be worn with or without a tie.



A camp shirt or lounge shirt is a loose, straight-cut, short-sleeved shirt or blouse with a simple placket front opening and a "camp collar" - a one-piece collar (no collar band) that can be worn open and spread or closed at the neck with a button and loop. It usually has a straight hemmed bottom falling at hip level, not intended to be tucked into trousers. It is often the base for fancier fabrics such as bowling shirts, aloha shirts, or various other Hawaiian/tropically inspired weaves and patterns.

This collar is perfect for those who want to wear a suit, without tie. Beach wedding, garden party, you name it.

Handmade Tie

Just like our suits, our ties and pocket-squares are handmade with the upmost attention to detail. Each bespoke tie has a thicker feel and an unparalleled drape due to a single piece of fabric that is expertly folded 7 times. With more than 700 exclusive fabrics to choose from and options to customize the width and length as well as embroidery, you are sure to walk away with a truly unique and original piece.

正如我们对西装定制的要求,我们对领带和方巾的制作也追求品细节每一款定制款领带都由同一布料折叠七次后并手工制作完成,这赋予了它独特的折痕与厚的触感们拥有超700款的独家面料可供选择,您可以任意决定想要定制的领带长度、度和案. Germain Tailors 品牌将您提供一款独一无二的属原创单.

Comme nos costumes, nos cravattes sont faites a la main, avec la plus grande attention aux details. Les cravattes sont pliées 7 fois, ce qui leur donne un aspect noble et un drapé unique. Avec plus de 700 choix de tissus, et de nombreuses options de fabrication comme les longueurs, largeurs, broderies..etc vous serez sure d'obtenir une piéce unique et originale.

Moganshan - Weekend Collection - FW15

Inspired by our clients, and our desire to explore new possibilities in the bespoke field, this casual collection will bring each season: new fabrics, new patterns and new styles, available exclusively custom-made


This first season, Weekend in Moganshan, will introduce our bespoke knitwear service available in pure merino wool or pure cashemere and celebrate italians flannels of cotton and wool.


Inspiree de nos clients, et de notre envie d’explorer de nouvelles possibilitees dans l’univers du sur-mesure, cette collection apporte chaque saison, dans un univers casual: de nouveaux tissus, patronages et styles disponibles exclusivement sur mesure.


Cette saison, Weekend a Moganshan, introduit la maille sur mesure, disponible en cashemere et laine merino, et met l'accent sur les flannels italiennes de cotton et de laine.

受到我们客户的灵感启发,以及我们对于量身定制领域的执着追求,Germain Tailors于今年首度推出周末休闲款式,将在未来的每一季中带来全新的面料、印花和版型,并极尽可能地为顾客们度身定制一套符合其喜好的服饰

2015秋冬系列的周末休闲款式灵感来源于在莫干山度过的悠闲周末. 为此推介我们特别定制意大利法兰绒的纯羊毛或纯羊绒针织衫.