Silk Tie Collections - Germain Tailors - Hong Kong - Shanghai

For the most part, ties made from grenadine silk are solid in color with the visual interest being the unique weave.


Our ties are made by hand in our workshop with a grenadine fabric imported from Como, Italy.



Our printed silk tie collection offers more variety of colors and patterns: paisley, flowers, vintage …etc



Altogether we offer a choice of more than 50 solid and patterned colors available in our shops of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Solaro fabrics - Germain Tailors - Shanghai - Hong Kong

Lapo Elkann, Gianni Agnelli, Matteo Marzotto and Luca di Montezemolo wear it in the summer. That's the one.

Solaro is an olive coloured wool cloth, which comes in a variety of weaves including herringbones and twill. Its defining feature is that it’s woven with red yarns on the underside, which show through the fabric to a greater or lesser extent depending on the angle of the viewer.

Solaro was originally designed as summer suiting. The idea that it’s summery stems in part from its shade, but more intriguingly from the myth that many years ago Western travellers in the tropics noticed that the natives wore clothes with red linings to protect their skin from the sun.

Sadly, solaro’s heat-repelling qualities are mythical, but with little lining, and linen or jersey shirts it will be comfortable in the summer.


Some consider Solaro eccentric – you either ‘get Solaro’, or you don’t. This has given the cloth a cult status among tailoring aficionados, who like the fact that it’s not entirely business-appropriate. Ordering bespoke suits that can’t easily be worn to the office is a powerful statement of intent, and perhaps the distinguishing characteristic of the modern dandy.

Happy when it rains !

For urban rain, or backcountry storm our new raincoat collection is available made to measure at our showrooms in Shanghai and Hong Kong, or on our website for those who have already been measured and fitted. This new generation of bespoke outdoor apparel marries hitech, element repelling fabrics and robust insulation with elegant design and refined detailing. With 4 types of italian fabrics, 5 available colors, and many style options : hood, detachable lining, reversible...etc this performance pieces mix reliability with desirability. 

Germain Tailors 最新雨衣系列为您提供定制服务,适合在城市阴雨季节或是外出郊游时穿着。您可选择在上海或香港店铺内预约尺寸测量,如若已在本店测量过全身尺寸,可直接于官网选购产品。全新量身定制的户外服饰选用高科技防水面料及耐用绝缘材质,融合优雅设计与精致细节。该系列共有四种意大利面料,五种颜色可供选择。款式上可选择连帽、可脱卸内胆式、双面等多种式样设计,为您提供可靠、舒适的穿着体验。