Liberty Fabric - Germain Tailors - Shanghai - Hong Kong

Liberty’s floral designs have defied the whims of the fashion industry, and have stayed on trend for decades


Perfectly on time for your summer/holiday shirts. We have now in stock in Shanghai dozen of choices of the legendary fabric from London.


Liberty was founded 140 years ago, by Arthur Liberty, selling exotic silks imported from China and Japan, and cottons and fine wools from India.

His stock proved a hit with the artistic set, and early customers included Oscar Wilde, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ellen Terry, James McNeill Whistler and Frederick Leighton.


His window displays of “Liberty art colours”, a rainbow of woven and printed fabrics in colourfast dyes, became a tourist attraction.

Casual Tailored Shirts - Hong Kong - Shanghai

Our spring-summer 2017 collection has no ties, and no formal shirts. We introduce three new tailored casual shirts to our catalog:

- One-piece Collar

- Camp Collar

- Reversed Collar

Prefered with pure linen or linen blend fabrics, those new designs are available made-to-measure at our Shanghai and Hong Kong shops, or during our trunk shows in Paris. Here are some descriptions.


The "one-piece-collar" shirt is the perfect bridge between dressed shirts and casual shirts. The collar and the collar-stand are made of a one-piece panel, which results to a perfect roll, and a softer look. It is a subtle, delicate touch of cool, and it can be worn with or without a tie.



A camp shirt or lounge shirt is a loose, straight-cut, short-sleeved shirt or blouse with a simple placket front opening and a "camp collar" - a one-piece collar (no collar band) that can be worn open and spread or closed at the neck with a button and loop. It usually has a straight hemmed bottom falling at hip level, not intended to be tucked into trousers. It is often the base for fancier fabrics such as bowling shirts, aloha shirts, or various other Hawaiian/tropically inspired weaves and patterns.

This collar is perfect for those who want to wear a suit, without tie. Beach wedding, garden party, you name it.

"Sartoriale" Shirt Service

For the passionates of traditional tailoring and neapolitan style, we offer now a Sartoriale shirt service. Unique, it is characterized by eight passes entirely sewn by hand, buttons sewn "zampa di galina" (goose feet), travetto stitche, hand embroidered initials, and neapolitan shoulders. 


为致敬传统的那不勒斯剪裁技术,我们还提供"Sartoriale" 衬衫定制服务。这项服务由八道手工缝制工序完成,纽扣使用雁脚形钉扣,外加手工刺绣的首字母服务和那不勒斯剪裁的肩型.


Pour les puristes et amateurs de l'ecole napolitaine, nous proposons maintenant la ligne de chemise "Sartoriale". Unique, elle est caracterisee par huit passes cousues main, boutonnieres a la main, boutons en nacre cousus "zampa di galina" (patte d'oie), broderies a la main, point de renfort travetto, et epaules napolitaines.