Our comprehensive Made To Measure program features fully measured suits, jackets, trousers and coats. We provide traditional full canvas (+300RMB/400HKD) garments and also half canvas as an excellent option for the more casual pieces and everyday pieces. We also offer basting fittings for a more bespoke experience (+300RMB/400HKD).

Huddersfield S110 : Suit 3800Rmb/4950Hkd & Blazer 2650 Rmb/3500Hkd

Vitale Barberis S110 : Suit 4000Rmb/5500Hkd & Blazer 2800Rmb/3850Hkd

Fintes S140 : Suit 4500Rmb/6000Hkd & Blazer 3150Rmb/4200Hkd

Reda S130 : Suit 4500Rmb/6400Hkd & Blazer 3150Rmb/4500Hkd

Drapers S130 : Suit 5500Rmb/7700Hkd & Blazer 3850Rmb/5400Hkd

Ariston S160 : Suit 6500Rmb/8000Hkd & Blazer 4550Rmb/5600Hkd

Long Coat Wool 3600Rmb/4500Hkd

Long Coat Wool/CashemereVitale 4500Rmb/5500Hkd

Long Coat Pure Cashemere : 6600Rmb/8000Hkd

Delivery time : from 3 to 4 weeks. Express (20% upcharge) : 10 days (SH) 15 days (HK)