Beat the Heat with Lightweight Suits

Beat the Heat with Lightweight Suits


Superlight suits are handmade in tropical fibers and every step of the wormanship is improved with the ambition to make a garment that is comfortable in hot and humid weather.

The Superlight suit is 50% lighter than a classic business suit and looks just as sharp.

For shirts, please ask for Giro Inglese fabric, it is a very special dry and fine weave made exclusively for the hot days! 

Available at our showrooms in Hong Kong and Shanghai and online in the WEEKEND SS16 collection for our existing clients.

为了庆祝香港新店的开张. 我们开发了新的款式“超级轻薄”. “超级轻薄”的西装是手工制作完成,材质则是通气舒适的夏天面料,我们这款设计的每一道加工程序,都是为了让客户在炎热和潮湿的夏天拥有一件感觉清爽舒适的衣服!超级轻薄系列西装比经典的西装要轻50%,看起来就像一件结实的衬衫,最好是使用英式的面料,这种面料具有非常干燥和细腻的特性,非常适合炎热的夏天! 可以到我们的香港或者上海的店铺量身定做,也可以去我们的网站当中的WEEKEND SS16项目中购买

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