Made To Measure

Our Made To Measure tailoring program is available by appointment at our Shanghai store. It features fully measured suits, jackets, trousers and coats.

We provide traditional full canvas (+300RMB) and also half canvas garments as an excellent option for casual and everyday pieces.

We also offer basting fittings for a more bespoke experience (+300RMB).

Huddersfield S110 : Suit 4500 Rmb & Blazer 3150 Rmb

V.B.C S110 : Suit 4800 Rmb & Blazer 3360 Rmb 

Dugdale Bros & Co : Suit 4800 Rmb & Blazer 3360 Rmb 

Reda S130 : Suit 5000 Rmb & Blazer 3500 Rmb 

Loro Piana S130 : Suit 5500Rmb & Blazer 3850Rmb

Holland & Sherry : Suit 6500Rmb & Blazer 4550Rmb 

Over Coat Wool : 3800Rmb 

Over Coat Wool A.Moon : 4800Rmb

Over Coat Pure Cashmere : 8500Rmb

Delivery time : from 3 to 4 weeks. Express (upon request) : 10 days 

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