Jacket Fit Guide

Our jackets are available in two patterns: comfort soft fit and trim neapolitan fit. They are designed to be paired with our tailoring, knitwear, polos and shirts. Read more about it below.

Trim Neapolitan Fit Jacket

Trim Neapolitan Fit Jacket has high armhole, thin shoulder pads and thin sleeve-head pads which creates a very gentle roped sleeve. It is best to wear as suit or slim blazer. It has a narrower shoulder, and slightly longer body length than our comfort fit. It is a clean and modern look that pairs well with our shirts as well as suit trousers.

Trim Neapolitan Fit Jacket

Comfort Soft Fit Jacket

Comfort Soft Fit Jacket has thin shoulder pads but it does not have sleeve-head pad, the sleeve head is made with the "spalla camicia" technic (also called "shirt sleeve"), which means the sleeve-head is natural and not roped. It features a single front panel (no side panel) and larger shoulders which gives a soft round look. It is recommended for single blazers or relax suiting. It will pair well with our knitwear, shirts and trousers.

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