Your First Wedding Suit Appointment

Your First Wedding Suit Appointment

Germain Tailors has proudly dressed hundreds of grooms for their most important day in our shops and trunkshows in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris.

When a gentleman comes to us for his wedding outfit, and sometimes for his groomsmen too, we usually begin with the following questions:

- When is the wedding ? Firstly, we need to make sure there is enough time. You should plan for at least one month in advance for a wedding suit to allow enough time for extra fittings for this one-in-a-lifetime occasion. Secondly, please keep in mind fabrics and the way dress won’t be the same for a summer as opposed to a winter wedding.

- Where will the wedding be? We generally consider three types of weddings: a.) city wedding b.) country wedding or c.) beach wedding

- What is the color theme of the wedding if there is one? Knowing this can help influence the choice of materials and accessories to coordinate with the color of the bridal gown or the bride’s flowers for example, to create a cohesive look.

- What time is the wedding? Will it be during the day or at night or throughout both?

- Would you like your wedding suit to be wearable again in the future for business or other events?

When we gather this information, we can better orientate and suggest options that are matching with the event and your personality. You most likely will not dress the same for a cocktail in the day on a beach in Bali compared to an evening ceremony in a hotel in Manhattan.

It is also recommended to gather some ideas before a visit and to think about what kind of suit you might be looking for. We have prepared a few Pinterest boards to help with ideas as well :

婚礼!第一次踏进Germain Tailors时,什么是值得期待的呢?



-        婚期是何时?

-       首先好的礼服需要足够的时间打磨,需要至少一个月的时间来准备一套“一生只此一次”的礼服,这必须经历几次的试穿和版型师的调整。

-       其次,冬季和夏季 所配的婚礼礼服也不会相同。  

-       婚礼在哪里举行?

-       我们通常考虑适合三种婚礼类型的礼服:A/城市婚礼,B/乡村婚礼,C/海滩婚礼。

-       婚礼的主色调是什么?

-       了解婚礼主色调有助于搭配相应的配饰 ,比如礼服颜色、新娘捧花...等,使其在婚礼的照片和视频上看起来整体更流畅鲜明。

-       婚礼什么时候举行,是在白天还是晚上,或者两者横跨两个时间段?

-       你会另外想要一套将来可用于商务或其他场合中穿着的西装吗?

一旦我们知道这些,我们就更有可能 敲定好既符合您的个性又融入现场 的礼服方案,您在巴厘岛海滩上的鸡尾酒会穿的和在马纳坦的一家酒店举行的晚间典礼穿的必然是要截然不同风格。

在第一次访问之前,我们还建议我们的客户访问我们的Pinterest Boards,这样他们会对自己想要的有更清晰的想法。

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