Bespoke Cocktails in Shanghai

Bespoke Cocktails in Shanghai

When you are in town post lockdowns and pandemic, we will be happy to recommend a few places for a good drink. If you are after something unique, we recommend J. Borosky, which has a very special concept and process that reminds me of our made-to-measure products.

J. Borosky makes bespoke cocktails purely based on client preferences. There is no fixed menu and nothing is ready-to-drink. They offer a vast selection of liquors, as we do with fabrics, but it’s entirely up to the client to choose what to mix with what. Of course, customers can seek the advice of an expert tailor/bartender, who is here to listen to you, guide you, and help you to make the right decisions.

Do you want a cocktail that reminds you of the south of France, a certain punk rock era, or a movie you love? Whatever you ask, J. Borosky will come up with something interesting. Of course, you are involved in the process and they will ask you if you prefer sweet, sour, salty, whisky-based, etc.

The main bartender, Mark, is a kind gentleman with a degree in chemistry, who is happy to talk to each of the clients. It is apparently that he really enjoys his job. The design of J. Borosky also makes it worth paying a visit. There are shiny rows of horned beetles and spiders in glass all over the place. The interior is elegant, surprising, and sophisticated.

It is recommended that you book before your visit, as the bartenders do not like overcrowding. They focus on service, details, and, like good tailors, understand that quantity is often the enemy of quality.

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