We Offer Bespoke Denim Services

We Offer Bespoke Denim Services

From this month, we are glad to offer a Bespoke Denim service in Shanghai and HongKong.

We keep our jeans simple and minimalistic without excessive stitching or branding. It is all in the fabric, the fit, and the construction.

A range of standard are used as a starting point (in two rises and one-inch waist increments), and the best pair is pinned and chalked, with a unique paper pattern being created as a result.

We mainly use selvedge denim. Selvedge is the narrow, tightly woven band on either edge of the denim fabric. A selvedge end prevents the edge of the denim from unravelling and is mainly found on denim woven on narrow-width, antique looms in Japan.




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