We Stock Bonfanti Tessuti Fabrics

We Stock Bonfanti Tessuti Fabrics

Made in Italy - Quality - Luxury - Craftsmanship - Attention to detail - are the ethos of Bonfanti Tessuti factory

Based in Como, this family business has a well established reputation for excellence; a cloth that stands out for its quality as well as its style.

Clearly, we have not experienced better handfeel and quality than Bonfanti fabrics. It is very smooth and confortable, but also drapes well with a good crease resistance.

Bonfanti produces shirts in two methods: on full width speed looms (150 cm) and narrow width (90 cm) shuttle looms.  True to their quality, all Bonfanti's offerings are 2x2. 

Bonfanti’s 90cm quality is made on its original “Omita” looms which are over 50 years old.  The wooden shuttles and the slow speed of these old looms (on average the looms weave only 2 meters per hour) create a cloth that is uniquely soft and has an unparalleled hand.

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