Dressing Tony Leung For The Fox Hunt Movie

Dressing Tony Leung For The Fox Hunt Movie

This year we have had the great pleasure to fit and create garments for the Hong Kong actor Tony Leung for his upcoming movie FOX HUNT to be released early 2021 in China. 

Tony Leung is seen in the world as one of the most elegant actors in Asia. He owns this title in part from his iconic performance in Wong Kai Wai’s subtle masterpiece, In the Mood for Love, which celebrates 20 years in 2020! 

This all time classic, in which Nat King Cole continually croons on the soundtrack, sees Tony Leung in simple suits and effortless cool elevate a film rich with style. 

It was a true privilege for us to have the chance to dress such a gentlman. In this new movie Mr. Leung will be wearing our reversible raincoat, dressed polo shirt and soft blazers.



在这部经典的影片里,Nat King Cole不断哼唱的背景音乐里,梁朝伟穿着一身简洁的西装,酷劲十足,将一部风格丰富的电影推向了高潮。


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