Three staple shirts, each available with three collar shapes.

Three staple shirts, each available with three collar shapes.

We launched three classic suits last month. The garment you choose will be there for you for many years to come and during numerous occasions, if you take good care of it. Each fabric is high quality and available in a few select colors. These are meant to be staples of your wardrobe. 


Now, let’s pair your suit with some shirts. We have selected some of our best sellers for you, which basically means that YOU (and customers like you) have selected them for us over the years.


We offer three exquisite collars, including:

- French Point Collar: The most versatile option. It comes with a hidden button under the collar, which proves helpful when you wear your shirt without a tie. This way, the collar sticks to your neck and maintains its great shape.

- Button-Down Collar: The most casual option. It pairs perfectly with oxford fabrics, comes with a generous collar length of 8cm and an S roll, which will also look good with a blazer and even a tie.

- Italian Spread Collar: This option is sharp and works particularly well with ties and suits.


Next, we have three fabrics, which are each winners in their own categories and staples for your wardrobe.


Let’s take a look:

  • Bonfanti mill, Flamingo Twill range, Egyptian cotton. This is the shirt you’ll wear during the important events throughout your life: business meetings, weddings, you name it... It has a remarkable hand-feel and decent wrinkle resistance considering the high yarn count of 120/2nm. It is a luxury product from a legendary Italian mill.

  • Pinpoint 80s yarn count with Easy Care is the ultimate everyday shirt. It is hard wearing, versatile, and looks good with a suit or casual outfit.

  • Oxford: An oxford shirt with a button-down collar will add flair to your formal attire, but also works untucked with jeans and espadrilles for that weekend look. We love the durability and stiff hand-feel, which softens after each wash. We love that it will last for a long time and works perfectly year-round. It is a thick thread, low yarn count garment that is breathable and absorbs sweat on very hot days.


Now, let’s wrap up with some tips to give your shirt a longer life:

  • Do not dry clean, as it is too aggressive. Instead, simply machine wash at home at 30°.
  • Do not tumble dry either, but allow your shirt to dry on a hanger (to avoid shrinkage).
  • With most washing machines, you should be able to choose the spinning speed. 600rpm will do just fine.


Follow these tips and you will keep your shirt longer, which will allow you to save money for dates with your wife. Buy less by buying the best.

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